Remote care: a digital preoperative screening for anaesthesia

Why should you come to the hospital for a pre-operative screening (POS) when you can do it online or by phone? The digital POS of ConsultAssistent helps! At ConsultAssistent, we realize solutions for improving and innovating healthcare every day. We believe that much more care can take place outside the walls of the hospital. So that patients only come to the hospital when they really need to!

Our online POS is a digital questionnaire that the patient fills out at home before an operation or examination. Based on the answers, the anaesthesiologist determines quickly and easily whether the patient needs to come to the outpatient pre-operative consultation. In many cases, this appointment can easily be made by phone or no appointment is needed at all. The information can also be offered digitally, tailored to the patient. This saves the patient a trip to hospital and ensures that the anaesthetist has more time for other patients. Of course, an appointment at the hospital is always possible if the patient so desires.

In an adaptive question module, the patient fills in the questions relevant to him or her in preparation for the operation. The answers are automatically placed in the right place in the EPD, as far as possible as structured Care Information Building Blocks (ZIBs), for the right healthcare professionals. In this way, it streamlines processes, reduces the risk of errors, saves time and relieves both the patient and the healthcare professionals. Moreover, the data can also be used for quality improvement and research. In short, a great improvement and sensible(r) care.

Screenshot from POS

Our online POS for anaesthesia is part of a broader intake for surgery. Before the operation, the patient has to make arrangements at various departments. In the coming period, we will add these necessary modules such as the nursing intake. There will also be information for the patient about anaesthesia and information about the before and after care, among other things. Thanks to this digital intake, patients no longer have to go through a carousel of different healthcare professionals with 'paper' questionnaires under their arms before an operation can take place. Because in the year 2020, that is just not possible anymore!

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